I’m Pankaj Makhijani, your friendly neighborhood tech enthusiast on a mission to demystify the wonders of technology. Ever since my school days, the universe of science and technology has been my playground. As a front-row enthusiast, I consistently scored between 80 and 85% in nearly every subject. But life wasn’t all textbooks—I found joy in sketching and even tried my hand at poetry.

Fast forward to pursuing a B.Tech in Computer Science, where I not only thrived in the classroom but also ventured into the exhilarating realms of gaming, YouTube content creation, and tech blogging. Each stumble along this path taught me invaluable lessons.

Post-graduation whisked me on a whirlwind adventure—an internship at a Singapore-based company, a rockstar stint as a contributor to GSOC’s MERN Stack Domain, and eventually finding my place in the dynamic universe of Rishabh Software as a cloud engineer.

At Rishabh, I collaborate with a brilliant team, crafting and managing innovative cloud-based solutions. My trusty skills in AWS, Azure, DevOps, Jenkins, and CICD are my toolkit in this exciting journey.

Beyond the tech realm, I’m an active participant in social activities, believing strongly in giving back to the community. Whether it’s through volunteering or engaging in social service projects, making a positive impact is close to my heart.

Furthermore, I’m deeply involved in the AWS community, passionate about learning and sharing insights within this vibrant tech sphere. I find self-motivation a driving force in my pursuit of continuous growth and excellence.

My aim? To blend my education, hands-on experience, and unwavering curiosity to spark innovation in the tech world. Excellence, integrity, and teamwork are my guiding principles, and I believe in doing good while trusting in something greater.

Join me on this journey where we’ll learn, grow, stumble, and, together, make some seriously cool digital waves!

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Pankaj Makhijani

AWS Community Builder | AWS Solution Architect | Cloud Engineer working at Rishabh Software | 3x AWS Certified 1x Azure Certified